Court Games RPG: Legend of the Five Rings News and Discussion
11 months ago

Developer Q&A for AiR with Max Brooke and Lydia Suen

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  • 0:00 Introductions
  • 5:30 What is Adventures in Rokugan?
  • 9:00 Will support continue for 5e L5R?
  • 3:00 What all do we need to play AiR?
  • 12:05 Why D&D 5th Edition?
  • 14:37 What was your design philosophy for AiR?
  • 18:36 Should fans be comparing AIR to Oriental Adventures?
  • 29:45 Are there any changes to the core 5e D&D rules?
  • 32:09 Will AIR feel lethal like L5R RPG?
  • 33:27 Are there Shugenja and Courtiers in AIR?
  • 35:10 How will ritualists differ from other D&D spellcasters?
  • 36:43 Are there rules for Intrigue Scenes in AIR?
  • 37:22 Can the PCs become murder hobos in AiR?
  • 39:40 How are clan schools integrated into AIR?
  • 41:36 How are clans differentiated in AIR?
  • 43:36 Are all D&D classes and races compatible with AIR?
  • 45:10 What non-human options are there in AIR?
  • 45:52 Will AIR be following the FFG fiction timeline?
  • 47:04 Any thoughts on L5R miniatures?
  • 48:02 Any thoughts on returning to the D10 system?
  • 49:57 Closing


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