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9 months ago

New Novel "To Chart The Clouds" Interview with Evan Dicken

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  • 0:00 Introductions
  • 1:14 What is "To Chart The Clouds" about?
  • 2:29 What got Evan Dicken into writing?
  • 4:37 What's the most interesting thing about L5R's setting?
  • 6:48 What's Evan Dicken's favorite clan?
  • 8:56 What is it like writing political fiction?
  • 11:22 How is it working for Aconyte Press?
  • 13:59 Are you nervous about the release?
  • 23:24 How long have you been working on the book?
  • 24:08 What inspirations did you draw upon?
  • 27:13 How do you describe the protagonist, Miya Isami?
  • 28:56 What is most interesting about the Lion Clan?
  • 32:39 What is most interesting about the Scorpion Clan?
  • 34:58 What is your take on the Imperial Familes?
  • 37:19 Is this story canon?
  • 40:58 Should we expect more adventures with Isami?
  • 42:10 What book of Evan's should people read next?
  • 43:51 Closing


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