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1 year ago

Heroes of Legend Part 1

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  • 0:00 Introductions
  • 1:22 Heroes of Legend Chapter 1 Summary
  • 3:06 Lore Nuggets
  • 4:39 Augery and Different Methods
  • 7:17 Augery via Kuwaru
  • 9:10 Augery through Dreams
  • 9:56 Augery through Bird Flight Patterns
  • 10:40 Augery through Astrology
  • 13: 37 Kachiko sets aside her ambition
  • 15:49 Hotaru and Kuwanan duel
  • 28:31 Matsu Tsuko is still alive!
  • 31:40 What did we think of this story?
  • 40:03 Closing


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